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We’re Penta Techsoft Solution a quality assured Software Development and Web Design company in Coimbatore. We have been creating bespoke Software Development Solutions for over many years now and we like to think we’ve learned a thing or two from our many and varied projects. We work predominantly through recommendation by delivering excellent quality and a personal service to our client base.
  • This means that our clients get exactly what they’re looking for. We offer a high level of technical knowledge in the industry and are obsessed with learning new technologies.
  • We know our stuff. Our highly skilled technical team write all of our software from scratch, so we know all of our systems inside-out and have full control.
Our Development Strength
Happy Clients
Finished Projects
8+ Years

We are Experienced

We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two in our time - so we take this breadth of experience into every new project. Our solutions have been at the forefront of the marketplace. We can provide a full software development life-cycle to a variety of industries. We undertake every project with the same vigour as when we first set out.
We do things differently

We are distinctly different

We value our client relationships and like to think that we provide a more personal approach to the development process. We provide unlimited access to our technical support team.
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We Love a Challenge

Need to talk about your next project ? Our close-knit team of experienced consultants, developers and designers are always ready for their next challenge; equipped with the skills, experience, and know-how to create your solution.
Just rapid results

No waste

Our process is geared towards maximising productivity and eliminating waste, so you get your software delivered faster without compromising on quality.
Time Saving

Quick Start

Our QuickStart phase gets things off to a flying start, ensuring that critical project questions are addressed at the earliest possible stage. We also use this time to put the pieces in place for development to begin without delay - our technical consultants and user experience consultants working in parallel to make the best use of the time available.
Information Proves

momentum is continued

This momentum is continued right through development, and with a rapid deployment process you’ll be able to see working software before you know it.
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