Creative E-Commerce Website Development Services

With the increasing number of people love to do shopping via the internet, E-Commerce creative applications have gained the admiration of people all over the world. Nowadays, every retail shop is planning to have a website or mobile app. If you’re one of them who are looking for the best E-commerce solution for your business, get in touch with Penta Techsoft Solution. Our Ecommerce web development services offer a great convenience to the retail owners for tracking, analyzing and management of inventory.

We’re a team of cutting edge UI/UX designers and expert web developers who are passionate to provide you all of the necessary design, development and internet marketing services needed to be successful online presence of a business. We implement a unique development approach with a combination of advanced software technologies to ensure the overall success of our clients’ businesses. As a specialized Ecommerce application development company, we believe in offering the niche-specific solutions.

Our Customized Ecommerce Solutions

We design innovative, responsive, user-friendly and search engine friendly websites for all popular shopping carts, such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and OpenCart. Our interactive E-commerce solutions not only generate sales but also enhance the profits of all kinds of businesses. Let’s have a look at our Ecommerce services!

Shopify Cart Store

If you want to design a creative application for your retail shop, contact Penta Techsoft Solution . Our Shopify designers & developers carefully understand your all requirements and help you in getting full advantage of Shopify platform. Our Shopify Ecommerce development services guarantee to keep your online store simple, flexible and lucrative. Through our unique Shopify solutions, you can easily target your customers on social media and smart devices and you’re your products on all sales channels.

OpenCart Store Design

OpenCart is another E-commerce platform which is quick to set up and easy-to-understand development approach. Are you’re in need of intuitive design and development solutions for OpenCart? Give a call to Penta Techsoft Solution to make your business stand out from the crowd.

WooCommerce Store Design

Establish your online store through our advanced WooCommerce design services. Penta Techsoft Solution is a full-service WooCommerce store development company which employ specialized developers. Our dedicated web team is always ready to serve you. So, hire customized and plugin development services and capture the market.

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    WordPress Customization

    From the personal blog to the marketing of your store, Penta Techsoft Solution offer best possible solutions for everything in WordPress. Our main focus is on site designing, theme customization, plugin development, and 3rd party integrations (API) to deliver you the best Ecommerce application solution.


    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – is the process of improving a website’s ranking in the organic listings of the major search engines for a set of keywords. By improving the ranking of a website you attract more traffic which should ultimately lead to more enquiries and sales. Broadly speaking SEO can be broken down into two categories; on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

    We employ bright, talented people from a broad range of backgrounds including: Journalism, PR, New Media and English/Creative writing and our Off-Page SEO team is currently our biggest, employing over 50 full-time staff at our Leeds HQ.

    The Most Important Ecommerce Features Include :
    • Content management capabilities
    • Promotion and discount code tools
    • An easy-to-use checkout
    • Search engine optimized code and layout
    • Reporting tools
    • An integrated blog or articles section
    • Email marketing integration
    • Multiple payment options
    • The ability to scale up with your platform
    Shopping Cart

    This is an integral part of any e-commerce store, the shopping cart. This is where your end consumers store their products to continue with the checkout process. A flexible cart allows both the guest user and registered user to checkout. Whereas the guest checkout does not require the user to sign up on the site, hence aiding them in making the process faster.

    Order management

    A wholesome order management panel simplifies the task of the merchants where one can get detailed information regarding buyer cancellation, refunds, COD order verification, exchange order status update and more. The panel helps the merchant manage his order fulfillment and oversee the completion of the same.


    This feature is one of the most important feature as it ensures that no crucial data such as credit card information is saved and for all prepaid shipments the checkout is carried out through a secure payment gateway. The passwords are hashed and not stored in a readable format. All web pages should be protected by SSL. The servers are secure and protected using state of the art services.

    Scalable Infrastructure

    Your hosting infrastructure should be able to scale as you get more and more traffic. A higher latency leads to drops in transaction rates and leads to loss of marketing dollars. CDN should be used to improve the website’s performance and managing the products online. It also provides excellent uptime, ensuring that the website is readily available everywhere and at any time.

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