Android Application Development

We are a India-based mobile app agency crafting highly creative, behaviour-driven mobile experiences.As one of the top app development companies in India we know a thing or two about creating mobile apps and are experts at taking your ideas and executing them perfectly.Our services cover everything from strategy through to product launch. We’re the only mobile app development agency in India you need.

There are lots of mobile app development companies in india, but not all are award-winning, chart-topping teams who live and breathe mobile every second of every day. With multiple top 10 hits and numerous product awards and recognition across all major media, we know what makes great products and our process is designed to take you there effortlessly.

Choose an app company in India who will bring your idea to market with a proven process, track record and delivery model so that your idea could be the next number 1 hit.


Building a successful product these days doesn’t stop at simply creating a functioning app. To truly engage and delight your customers, you need to craft a mobile experience that combines the functionality of your product with cutting edge usability techniques; this is only achieved by focusing on user behaviour and the psychology of how we understand and interact with mobile products. When done right, the results are enhanced engagement and better brand or product perception.

We are passionate about the work we do, the team we work within and the culture that we belong to. Our team has produced products which have hit the number 1 spot on the App Store and are regularly in the top 5 for various categories.


With the impressive rise of smart mobile technology it may soon become unthinkable to have a business without having an app. Brand investment in apps is accelerating, with brands across all vertical markets adding apps to their overall digital strategies. It’s safe to say that apps are the future of digital marketing

We can help define your entire mobile strategy and help you ensure that whichever channel or approach you take, it’s the right fit for your business and customer base.


The first phase is a scoping, specification and wireframing phase where we get clarity of the idea and drive down into what problem you are trying to solve and how best to solve it. This involves workshop sessions with our creative and technical teams and produces a fully specified product containing full wireframes and functional specification.

The second phase is the UI design of the product where we begin to define the visual elements of the product as well as focus on what the user will feel when using it.


Once the design is complete, we move on to the development of the product. We work in an Agile manner to ensure that we accommodate any changing priorities whilst ensuring the product is technically release-ready at any stage of development.

The final phase is the release management and store deployment (App Store and Google Play). During this phase we work with you to target your submission to your intended customers and provide links to your products for use in coordinated marketing efforts.

IOS Application Development

Penta Techsoft Solution Our team of skilled iPhone app developers will take your idea and transform it into a feature-rich iPhone solution with highly interactive and customized features.

Since we are an iPhone development company, you will get an exclusive app that reflects your brand’s mission and caters to the specific tastes of your end users.


  • Project estimate
  • Assessment of user needs
  • Requirements engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Bug fixing
  • App promotion


  • Verify your app idea for viability
  • Build a powerful code for iPhone app
  • Get a sleek, user-friendly design
  • Develop corporate branding
  • Leverage customer feedback with detailed business analytics

Take the first step in iPhone app development. Get in touch with an iOS development team with skilled iPhone app developers that will execute your vision.


Your new dedicated team becomes part of your daily scrum and follows an Agile methodology that allows for resource adjustments throughout the production cycle. You can scale your dedicated team up or down as needed if utilization changes.


We’re not your typical outsourcing firm; more than 70% of our engineers have advanced post-graduate computer science degrees in the most high-demand technologies.

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